Friday, September 25, 2009

23 Weeks

I thought it was about time for me to finally post a preggy pic :o) So, here I am in all my 23 week glory. I am feeling huge, but fine and healthy otherwise. :o) I feel very blessed to be able to still be out and about and doing everything I'm still doing.
I've been super "nesting" lately so been super busy trying to figure out a new decorating scheme for the kids room. I think I'll try to have Jaxon and the new baby share rooms if we can, so I'm trying to do up the room all run for both of them. I'll show some pics once I'm done.
Oh, and in other news, we've moved Jaxon into a toddler bed, thanks to our friends Dave and Melissa, who are lending us theirs. It's so fun to see Jaxon in it and he has been doing pretty well, only waking up once a night and coming to our room and scaring me in the middle of the night. :o)
Jaxon is such a funny kid though. As soon as I leave him for bed, he gets up and piles TONS and TONS of stuff on his bed. Toys, books, pillows...whatever he can get his hands on. When I go to check on him before I go to bed, it's hard to find him amidst all his stuff.
Oh, and just another random picture. Jaxon still has his shoe fetish and still loves pulling out all my shoes and trying them on and walking around the house in them. I was pretty impressed he was able to get around in these ones.
Even I have a hard time getting around in these high heels. :o)
Well, I think that's about it for us. We're doing well and just preparing and soooo excited for the new baby. We're having a REALLY hard time coming up with girls names that both Jack and I like, so suggestions are welcome. :o)

Mini Carnival

We went out on a little family outing with our friends Laura, Randy, and Brogan the other weekend. There's a little "mini" carnival near us that has rides and things, but kind of miniature, so Jaxon and Brogan were just the right size for them...well, ok, maybe a little small, but we, the parents, thought it would be fun to see them in it. So, here are some pics of that day.
Enjoying the little boats...of course Jaxon's favorite part was the steering wheel.
Jaxon enjoying the carousel with dad.
Sorry for the blurry pic, but had to show Jaxon and Jack on the mini roller-coaster they had. I still can't believe we put Jaxon on it, and I think the verdict is that he's still a little small for it. He had a scared expression glued on his face the whole time, but when the ride ended, he clapped his, I think he was scared, but I think he still enjoyed it.
I think this was by far Jaxon's favorite ride. I just wish I could have fit in the car to go around with him. :o) It looked like a lot of fun.
All in all, it was a great day out with the family.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Potty Training News

I don't know how or why I had in my mind that 18 months was the time to start potty training. I remember getting all geared up for it right before we left for Utah for summer break and we went and bought Jaxon a potty and I was going to get right to it as soon as we got home. But, well, the more I've been thinking about it, the more I feel like Jaxon may still be a little bit young...but surprise, surprise, Jaxon actually went no. 2 in his potty today. Now before we all start celebrating, I have to say, I kind of caught him with his pooping face and asked him if he wanted to go "poopy in the big boy potty" and I got him there fast enough that he got to "finish" in the potty. ;o) But still, I was pretty excited all the same!! :o)
While we were in Utah, I taught Jaxon to tell me if he was "poopy" when he pooped and he's been doing really well with that. He even tells me sometimes before he goes...but he's regressed a little with that unfortunately. But he did something funny the other day. I've been trying to teach Jaxon that "poopies" go in the toilet, so Jaxon went and threw his poopy diaper into the toilet! I guess I can't complain that he's getting it...a little bit, eh?
I'm sure we'll have lots more potty stories to tell in the near future. :o)