Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mar and Apr Recap

Wow, I can't believe how time got away from us and I didn't even post about Jack's birthday and Easter!! So, yes, Jack's birthday was back in March...and we kind of celebrated it earlier in the month because I was so excited about his present, I couldn't wait to give it to him.
We got Jack a juicer for his birthday and WE LOVE IT!!! We've been juicing quite a bit and it's AMAZING how much better juice tastes FRESH! And you really just can't go wrong with that thing. We've put in a wide range of things, including veggies too, and we've loved every kind of juice we get!
Here's Jack opening his other presents and singing with his fruit pizza "cake". Only sad part was we celebrated with the juicer early, he got his other gifts the day before his birthday and we were running so late on the Sunday of his birthday that I actually forgot what day it was. But we made up for it with his fruit pizza a couple of days later. :o) So, Jack will probably say his "actual" birth day wasn't the best, we celebrated his birthday all month long...isn't that even better? :o)
And here's Jack and Jaxon with their "cheesy" smiles. I love my boys! :o)
Then for Easter, we were super lucky to have some girls in the ward plan a big, amazing egg hunt and dinner, so we really didn't have to do much for Jaxon to have a great Easter. :o)
The little kids were supposed to find eggs in a certain color so that eggs could be distributed evenly for all the kids...but Jaxon was just too excited and picked up whatever egg he could find.
It was pretty serious business for him. He was VERY focused on getting those eggs.
I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but the egg hunt was on a soccer field and during our picnic, there was a soccer game going on at the other side of the field. Jaxon is REALLY into balls and loves playing with them, and unfortunately, he decided he wanted the soccer ball from the game that was going on, so middle of the game, Jaxon ran onto the field and picked up the ball and started running. The little girls that were playing thought it was adorable...but the coaches weren't very happy with us. But it was pretty funny seeing Jaxon running with the soccer ball in the his hands with two teams of girls running after him to get the ball back. :o)
And last, but not least, we also went to the Lodi outlets a while back and they have this cute little train that runs through the whole shopping area, so Jaxon and I got to take a little train ride while we were out there. Jack was nice to let me go with Jaxon since he usually gets to go on rides and things with Jaxon and I take the pictures. :o)
And Jaxon was even lucky enough to see the Easter bunny while we were out there.