Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Eve

We had a great time with the Madsen side of the family on Christmas Eve. Dorothy and Don even stopped by for a little bit too, so I got a little bit of the Lau family too. :o)
We were so excited to spend time with so much of Jack's siblings and parents. It was awesome for the little kids to reunite with the cousins too.
We had so much good eats!!
Jaxon finally found a partner in crime. Him and Lucy were the silly ones at the little kids table. :o)
The older nieces and nephews performed a talent show and the younger kids watching all wanted to perform Jaxon "played" the piano and the younger cousins sang the ABC's.
We were able to enjoy a nativity enacted by all the little kids. They were all so cute in their costumes. Mailee and Jaxon made for some very cute wisemen/shepherds.
And last but not least, the kids got to open their Christmas Eve presents from Grandma and Grandpa.
And then it was home to bed to wait for Christmas morning!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Family Time

I got to head to Utah for Christmas a little early and let Jack study for tests and get a chance to hang out with my siblings in Provo before all the Christmas crazy began. :o)
Here's Mailee with her Uncle Ezzie. We got to hang out at Ezzie's apt and see his final project before he turned it in...which was very cool. He is such a talented animator/artist.
And lucky us, the day we all hung out was sushi special day at Demae, so we got to enjoy some good eats together.
Cami and Aurelia were totally missed. :o( Hopefully we'll be able to get all together sometime soon!

Winter in Cleveland

We just got back from Utah and a fabulous Christmas, and I'll post all of that fun stuff soon. But just wanted to get some cute pictures of the kids up. :o) These were taken right before we left. This was Mailee's first time playing out in the snow...she didn't like it too much. She couldn't really walk in her boots and kept on face planting into the snow, poor girl. Jaxon of course loved it.