Friday, August 5, 2011

Cali, Cali Fun!--Part 1

We are sad to be done with our month in California, and we are sad to be away from all the fun family and friends we got to hang with, and we are sad that we had to say good bye to Jack for another month...but while Jack is in Ohio, we are enjoying our stay with Utah family...and coming up soon, our Canadian family! :o) But in the meantime, here's some more memories captured of our fun time in Cali. We got to have some fun with Jack's cousins and extended family at Grandma Davis'.
Pool was too cold for me, but Jack and the kids couldn't resist the water and of course the diving board.
I can't believe I don't have pictures of the fun cousins we were hanging with!! But I promise, they were there. :o)
Tom let us play with one of his fun birthday party entertainment before the party started.
Thank you Tom! :o) Our kids...ok, and me too...had sooo much fun in the bounce house!
Sooooo much fun with Tew cousins!!
We got to stay in San Diego with Jack's wonderful sister and her family while Jack worked at Camp Pendleton and had sooooo much fun getting to know their family and having our kids play together. We miss them so much already!
While we were closer to the San Diego area, we visited Balboa Park.
So many beautiful buildings and architecture to see!
Kids loved the fish ponds with the lily pads.
Gardens were fun to see too.

And my favorite pic of the day at Balboa Park---Jack playing with the kids at the fountain.