Friday, November 20, 2009


I can't believe it's taken me THIS LONG to fiiiiinally get to see Wicked, but it was well worth the wait. It was AMAZING!!! I loved, loved, loved it!!! We got some discount tickets to go as a big group so a ton of the girls from the ward and some husbands all went on Wednesday.
A group of us started off our evening with dinner at IHOP.
Then we headed downtown to see the show.
The playhouse was really big and had great architecture, but the only complaint was that our seats were a little in the nosebleeds so the acoustics weren't fantastic up where we were seated. I kind of wish I had binoculars. During one of the scenes, one of the guys takes glasses off the main character, and I was like, "oh, she has glasses on??" It was hard to make out features, but the singers and dancers were so talented and expressive in their body movements that I felt like I didn't miss too much.
This is Karie, Mattie, and I just entering the playhouse.
Before the show started. I was soooo excited to see the show!
Some of the girls and I after the show. All I can say is WOW! It was so good. The leads had such amazing voices and the story was just sooooo fantastic!! I can't wait to go again! :o)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Swine Flu Experience

Well, like I said in our last post, we've been out sick for a little bit and I just wanted to vent some of my thoughts and concerns about the whole H1N1 thing. Two weeks ago, Jaxon and I went to go get our vaccination shot to protect ourselves from the H1N1 virus. We were at the clinic about 15 minutes waiting and then getting our shot and we thought that would be it. We've never had a bad reaction to a flu shot and as far as I could tell, Jaxon and I were healthy before the shot.
Well, the day after the shot I started feeling a little off...started getting congested and got a pretty bad cough. The day after that, I was laid out, completely sick, couldn't even sit up in bed to even read a book, and ended up in bed pretty much 24-7 for the next 3 days with a fever, barely able to move, eat, drink, and wanted to curl up and DIE! The full symptoms thankfully only lasted for that long, but I've had left over stuff-congestion and cough still...2 weeks later.
So, biggest question for did we get the swine flu?? Hard part is it seems the doctors can't even agree on what happened. Family doctor said my symptoms were only after effects from the shot and did not prescribe me ANYTHING and said to just wait it out. Both my OB and Jaxon's Pediatrician say we must have got it before or waiting to get the shot and said to get prescriptions ASAP and that we needed to have gotten medication within 48 hours of getting any flu symptoms!! My mistake was not talking to my OB first and waiting another week before I saw her and actually got some good meds to help out with some of my symptoms. I honestly just can't belive that we got the flu waiting to get the stupid shot to prevent it!!
Needless to say, I have my reservations now about any flu shot...however, I guess if my symptoms were only a "mild" case of what the swine flu could actually be like, then I guess I'm lucky that we got the shot, cause I can't even imagine a flu worse then what I got. Jaxon thankfully did not get as bad as I did and got his medication in time to help shorten the duration of the flu for him.
But all I can say is THANK GOODNESS FOR JACK!!! He was a LIFESAVER during those days I was out and took care of Jaxon ALL DAY LONG and did EVERYTHING, from meals and cleaning to just babying me and holding me when I was crying so bad cause I hurt all over.
Anyways, thank goodness it's over and we're all on the mend. But I just can't believe that this flu is out there and that prevalent that we could have gotten it so fast! So, be careful out there!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


So sorry this has been delayed. We have had a bad case of the flu in our household and it's been hard getting back up on our feet. Anyhow, this year we did some pumpkins...mine is the Frankenstein one and Jack's is the freehand one. :o)
Jaxon wasn't quite as interested in pumpkins this year, so we'll try him again next year.
We dressed up for our ward party. Jack and I were the couple from Juno (Juno and Bleeker).
Nobody really got what I was unless Jack was standing next to me. :o) Oh well, it was a pretty easy costume for us this year.
Jaxon got a little warm, so we didn't have him keep his costume on during the party. The night of the ward party was so warm we were a little disappointed that it wasn't actually Halloween because it would have been nice weather for the kids to go out and around.
For actual Halloween day, we went out to Broadview Heights to go trick or treating and it was COLD! Here's Jaxon in all his puppy dog glory before we headed out.
You can tell how excited Jaxon was to be in his costume. Which was so sad. He had been trying on the costume all week long and wouldn't take it off...and then the nights we actually wanted him to wear it...he didn't.
Good thing the costume was warm-er though. But still not quite warm enough. We had to keep Jaxon in a blanket the whole time we walked around.
He was so cute walking up to the door for candy though. He didn't really get the whole concept of trick or treating, but he would just say "treat" and didn't take the candy (no worries, Jack and I made sure he still got the candy in his little treat bag :o) and then he'd politely say "dank-you" and walk off.
It was fun having Jaxon actually be able to walk up to the door himself this year and get candy himself.