Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Well, since Halloween is on a Sunday this year, we had all our Halloween festivities a little bit early. We went to a ward party on Friday night and had trunk or treating for the kids. Jack was at school all day and met up with us at the party, and since our costumes were a little last minute, we didn't have one for him. But I think Jaxon's and my costume turned out all right. :o)
Jaxon was going to be a monkey at first. We had borrowed a costume, but it was just a little bit short on Jaxon.
He still enjoyed trying it out though.
Jaxon helped me make some cookies for the ward party.
Some people were a little hesitant to eat it...I wonder why? They were yummy, I promise!
So, I had bought a Robin costume for Jaxon and had also bought a Batman costume for Jack on clearance last year. Well, we didn't end up having Jack try the costume on, and when I pulled it out this year, I tried it on and it was just a teensy bit big for, no way would it have fit Jack. So, I went Project Runway on it and tried to "make it work." I totally cut up the Batman costume and used it to make a batgirl costume and the masks for both costumes.
Mailee had a fun first Halloween. People handed her candy as well when we were trunk or treating, and she definitely tried it out.
Trunk or treating.
Of course he was too excited for the candy to let me get a shot of his face. :o)
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Impromptu Beach Trip

We had one final week of really nice weather at the end of September, so we packed up and left for "the beach"...meaning Lake Eerie...right after Jack got home from school one day. It was totally perfect weather and it wasn't crowded at all. We had a great time.
I love this shot. I managed to get Mailee looking at the camera and smile and get Jack and Jaxon playing in the water in the background! ;o)
Jaxon and Mailee just couldn't get enough of the sand.
This was right after Mailee face planted in the sand...after trying to eat it!