Sunday, July 25, 2010

Some Utah Pics

We had a FABULOUS time in Utah and it's been sad to say good bye to our family out there, but it's nice to be back home with Jack.
Here are some pics of some fun things we got to do.
We were lucky enough to have almost all the Lau siblings together. We missed you so much Cami!! Ezzie showed us around the animation buildings and we got to see some of his cool projects. Waaaay cool to see Ezzie in action. We also got to see Grandma Bastian and see some of the Bastian family.
I had the awesome opportunity to go to a temple session with my big sister who was also in UT visiting from PA.
Jaxon got to hang out with "the boys."
We got to go to Thanksgiving Point and see some fun animals.
It was so cute to see Jaxon with his cousin Lucy. They're barely a month apart and had very similar reactions to things. :o)
Jaxon got to ride on a horse and a pony. When asked which one he liked better, he said he liked the bigger horse more than the pony.
And of course we had some swimming time.
It was so much fun to introduce Mailee to so many of her aunts and cousins.
And best of all Jaxon and Mailee had soooooo much fun spending time with their Grandma Char.
Jaxon loved going on morning walks with Grandma Char and going to see the ducks and play on the tractor they would see along the way.
Char, thank you so much for taking such good care of us while we were in Utah!! We miss all of you soooooo much already.