Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trying New Foods

Jaxon tried some beef raviolis for the first time yesterday and LOVED them. I think the pictures speak for themselves. :o)
I love that he is so smiley for the camera now. It's the cutest thing to watch. Here's just another pic of him smiling for the camera.
Ahhh...ain't he cute?
And last but not least, here's some pictures of what we've been waking up to the past little bit.
And this is how much snow we've had out on our patio that has gone through one melting, but other than that, just stays about the same height outside our door.
It's a couple feet at least. I'm just so grateful we are looking at this from the inside of a nice warm apartment! It's been crazy how much snow there has been. I have to say though, as long as I'm inside or if it's not too, too freezing cold, and/or I'm dressed for the snow, I LOVE the snow. I love how it makes everything look so perfect and pretty and white. I love the big ole snowflakes falling down and I just love the feeling of snow coming down. It lights up the sky at nights and just gives this cool misty feeling during the day.

Monday, January 26, 2009

January Updates

Wow, January has seemed to just fly by. I can't believe we have to wait a whole other year now before Christmas again! Well, let's see, what can I report on. Jaxon and I have been hanging out lots as usual and we're still working on the walking thing, but Jaxon is just getting so much better at it and is choosing walking over crawling almost 50% of the time now. Jaxon learned this new trick in Calgary, but has continued to develop it here at home. Can you see him balancing on that toy there to reach something on the desk?
He is able to turn almost any of his toys over and use it as a stepping block to get him to where he really wants to go. He has climbed up on our end tables and almost to the top of the desk even. This little kid is truly a little monkey! So, along those lines, I decided to make Jaxon his very own little monkey. I found this monkey crochet pattern online and it really wasn't too hard.
I think it turned out all right, and best of all, Jaxon seems to really like it too!
In other news, Jaxon got a really bad cold earlier this month and was a MAJOR leaky faucet. Jack wanted to take a picture of his runny, here it is. :o)
Kinda gross, eh? My poor baby had such a hard time breathing there for a bit. But I'm happy to report that he is all better and back to his old self.
Oh, and last but not least, Jack and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary...a little late actually. We didn't really have a vehicle to use while we were in Calgary so we decided to just wait and celebrate it back here in Ohio. The night we went out was a major blizzard, so good thing the Olive Garden is just down the street from us. :o)
I can't believe it's been six years already! We've had a lot of accomplishments during that time and I can't wait for more to come. We've been learning so much from each other and helping each other become the people we need to be and I'm so grateful to have an eternal companion to go through this life with, through thick and thin, through hard times and good times, and through all the ups and downs life throws at us.
Here's a flashback to see how we looked when we got engaged and one of our wedding day.
Do we look that much different? :o)

Saturday, January 17, 2009


This happened while daddy was watching Jaxon. What more can I say, this little kid is getting around! :o)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas in Calgary

Sorry for the long pause in's super hard to get on the Internet when we're at home in Calgary cause my parents are still on DIAL-UP!! So, we're back safe at home in Ohio, so I can finally get some fun pictures up. We had a wonderful time spending time with my parents and my little bro Ez. It's not often that the women in the Lau home are outnumbered by the men, but so it was this Christmas. Calgary had record lows, so to say the least, it was FREEEEEZING cold with lots and lots of snow. But we had a good time seeing some friends and visiting with family and shopping! :o) We hope you all had a great holiday break too.
It was hard taking Jaxon out very much cause he HATED getting bundled up.
He "looks" like he's smiling in this picture, but he's not. He was screaming and fussing that we put him in the hat and coat.
Jaxon learned how to wave when you say hi to him a couple of months ago
and he also has started "smiling" whenever we point the camera at his face.
It's pretty funny watching his expression change to what he thinks is smiling whenever the camera is aimed his direction. Most of the time he actually does give a big smile for the camera.
Jaxon got to try some new foods during the trip...thanks to Gung-gung. Here is my dad giving Jaxon his first taste of eggnog...a little too early for my liking...
But what can I say. Jaxon LOVED it and couldn't get enough of it.
This was one of the warmer days that we actually got Jaxon out in the snow...
...but we really didn't know what to do once he was in it...
Jaxon also learned how to climb up a big flight of stairs over Christmas. He could get up them just fine, but he couldn't get the going down part as easily. But he was so excited everytime he would get to the top of the stairs and look down at the big climb he had made.
Here he is at the top of the stairs waiting for us to take him down again.
Jack was trying to "teach him a lesson" and let Jaxon just be bored waiting at the top of the stairs without any toys or anything to play with so that he wouldn't go back up the stairs again. Didn't quite work. And he just looked so cute I just had to pick him up. :o)
For New Year's Eve, my home ward had a party and we got to do an early countdown with Jaxon and dance around with him. It was a lot of fun.
All in all, we had a FABULOUS Christmas break and we hope you all did too. If you want to see more pictures of our trip, click here.