Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh Canada!

We survived another cross country trip, this time minus Jack, but plus D! My little sister was such a great help in making the 15 hr drive with me and the kids and it was so nice to see my parents and my other little sister C and her cute little twins. I finally got to meet them!! It was nice to have Ez come back for a little part of it too. So, again, almost all the family were together...almost all....we really need to work on getting the whole gang together!! :o)
But here's some pics of our trip back in August.
Playing at the park.
Jaxon loved playing with the twins and holding the babies. He's such a sweet boy!!
Ahhhh, love my sisters!
Me and my bro!
He's so good with all the kids. :o)
Me and the twins.
My nieces sporting some homemade crafty goodness I made them. :o)
Cami and Jaxon.
Oh I love my cute fam...Miss them all so much already!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beach, Beach, Beach!-Cali part 2

The end of July we were able to meet up with the Madsen side of the family for their yearly beach trip to San Elijo and had so much fun with lazy days at Moonlight beach.
I promise, my kids did enjoy the beach...though it's hard to tell from some of these pictures. :o)
Here's Jack reliving his younger days with Mailee. Jack has these same types of pictures of his dad throwing him up in the air too when he was younger.
This is how Jaxon spent most of his beach days....staring into a bucket of sand that had sand crabs hidden in it. He loved catching, watching the catching, and holding sand crabs. :o)
Mailee LOOOOVED the ocean. She is totally her daddy. Apparently Jack's mom would try and take Jack to the edge of the water and have a wave kind of knock him down to get him scared of the water when he was little so he wouldn't wander into it without parents knowing...well, we tried the same thing with Mailee and we got the same result as when Jack's parents did it to him....they just wanted more of the water!
Jack actually took Mailee out boogey boarding and she really enjoyed it.
Mailee also enjoyed wrestling with Grandpa and the other cousins.
While Jaxon enjoyed just sitting with Grandma. :o)
I looooved that the kids got to spend time with their cousins. Jaxon was finally at an age that he could actually play with the other cousins. :o)

Mailee showing off her new swimsuit.
Jaxon crawling through a sand tunnel that the older cousins had made.
Kids enjoying the beach. :o)
Oh how we miss the beach so much already!
It was so nice being with family and we had almost everyone there and we missed Nick and Crys' family sooooo much!! Can't wait until next year!