Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Fun Pictures

What can I say, I'm just way too lucky to have friends that want to take pics of my cute babies! :o) These were taken by my friend Melissa and they were her first time taking pics! Didn't she do awesome??
I especially love the feet ones...have to have them for the future Podiatry office Jack will be in. :o)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Belated Birthday Post for Jaxon

My little Jaxon turned TWO last month and I can't believe it's taking me until now to post about it. I'm finding it's a lot harder to get on the blog and update with two kids.
Anyhow, here are some fun pictures of Jaxon's big day. We had Jaxon open his presents in the morning so he could play with them during his big day.
It was so fun watching him rip all the wrapping paper off...we had to make due with the Christmas wrapping because I couldn't find the birthday wrapping. Since Christmas, he has definitely learned how to open presents. :o)
Thank you Grandma Char for his fun race track present. He LOVES it!
Then Jaxon and I made cupcakes and we all helped decorate them so he could blow out his candles.
I can't believe my baby is TWO!
I love this kid! He's such an amazing boy. He has learned so much in the past two years and has taught me more than I can imagine. His stats for his two year appointment: 75th percentile for height and 11th for weight at a wopping 25 lbs. :o) He's got most of his colors down, some of his alphabet and surprises me with the new words he knows everyday. Happy Birthday Jaxon!! We love you sooooo much!