Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jaxon's One Year Pictures

We had an appointment at the photo studio to try and get some pictures of Jaxon and it was HORRIBLE! Jaxon refused to sit still and cried and screamed every time we tried to make him stay in place. So, we left without a single good shot of Jaxon. But, I was determined to get some nice one year pictures of Jaxon, so I decided to try and take some shots myself. So, after two hours of running after Jaxon, bribing him to sit still, running back to the camera to try and get a shot, and about 100 pictures later, these were the ones we ended up with. :o) And yes, Jaxon chose that flower as his play object and Jack thinks it's girly, but hey, it made Jaxon stay in place for a good 10-15 shots! I think it looks cute. :o)
Ahhh, isn't he cute? I can't believe my baby's a year old already!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Poop Story

Yes, you did read that right! I found out the price of a couple of seconds of inattentiveness to an active one year old leads to the very literal sense.
So, Jaxon was just playing around with his toys this morning and I was working on a crochet project right in the same room mind you, just about 2 feet away from him.
All of a sudden Jaxon gets very quiet...that's when I know there's trouble. I look up to find that he has opened up the dirty diaper that I had just changed and had squished poop between his hands, smeared on his clothes, and yes, the best part, IN HIS MOUTH!!!!!!! HE WAS EATING HIS POOP!!! I was MORTIFIED!! I don't even know if that word even covers the extent of the shock I was in seeing the scene before me. And what does Jaxon do as soon as he sees his mom freaking out at the mess he's made...yep, he starts laughing and goes to put another handful in his mouth. I could barely hold back my gagging as I cleaned him up, and the mess he had made. Wow, my first poop story with Jaxon and it's got to be the WORST poop happenings EVER! Now I can't seem to get the smell of poop gone. I'm smelling it EVERYWHERE even though I've cleaned and disinfected everything!!
Well, lesson learned, I've got to put those little diapers waaaaaay out of reach and not wait to put them away, and gotta keep a better eye out on our little guy.
Sorry if this grossed you out. Hey, at least there aren't any pictures, eh? :o)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jaxon's 1st Birthday!

Unfortunately for Jaxon, on his actual birthday yesterday, Jack and I were quite sick and had to rotate shifts out of bed to watch him. Fortunately for Jaxon, he's still young and doesn't know the difference between today and yesterday. Best of all, he gets two day to celebrate his birthday! :o) Thank you to all our family that sent birthday well wishes. Here are some pictures of Jaxon's two big days. :o)