Thursday, December 22, 2011

December Happenings

We've been keeping busy with Jack home with us this month. Here's some random pictures of the kids being cute.
Mailee loves to dress up in mine and Jack's clothes. Here she is playing with Jaxon's nerf gun wearing Jack's hat and Bernice's shoes.
Jaxon has been keeping really busy with his Preschool and gymnastics class. Here are some shots of him in his tumbling class.
Here he is stretching.
On the balance beam.
And here's a video of him attempting a cartwheel. Just click on the picture to see the video.

Jaxon also had his Christmas concert this month too and it was so much fun watching him perform on stage. Jack was so awesome and drove straight through the night so he could make it back in time for Jaxon's needless to say, Jaxon was a pretty darn happy kid that night. :o)
And here's a video of Jaxon "acting" out Silent Night. It's pretty funny. :o) I love his movements...and how they are just a little bit off from everyone else. Just click on the picture to see it.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


I was so lucky to have my sister and her family come to us for Thanksgiving. It gave me a chance to finally cook my very first turkey...which turned out wonderfully. I think brining is the secret to a yummy turkey. :o)
We had tons of good food, time with cousins, Black Friday shopping, Kirtland and just a good time all around. Here's some pics.
Aurelia and Jon busy in the kitchen.
Part of the spread...
Cousin time
And brother and sister time :o)
And Kirtland!
Mailee was so cute holding onto Z's hand while we were walking around.
Petting a real fur pelt.
Had to get E in the pic too. :o)
Mai girl being cute.
Actually, we took this when I had to take her outside and away from the tour cause she was being a little too enthusiastic about everything. :o)
Two-thirds of the Lau cousins. :o)
Baby E.
She and Mai played so well together. It was really cute to watch. They were good buddies the whole time they were together.
Jaxon and E were also pretty good buds...most of the time. :o)
The kids wanted to dress up the mom's as "wisemen."
Ahhh, we miss them already!