Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some Easter Pics

We had a very nice Easter at our home, and I was so excited that I was actually able to get some matching outfis for Jaxon and Mailee. It is surprisingly hard to find things to match for a boy and a girl. :o)
Ahhh, aren't they cute? Mailee gives the best hugs.
We had a nice easter feast and ended with some cupcakes and Mailee reeeeally enjoyed hers.

We hid some eggs outside for the kids and had so much fun watching them find them and get so excited about it.
Another big piece of news we received in April was where Jack will be doing his three year residency. He is going to be working with the University Hospitals here in Ohio! So, we will be in the Cleveland area for another three years. Here is Jack signing his life away...:o) Nah, just his residency years and making it all official.