Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Crazy Sleeper II

Jaxon was playing in his crib with some toys and then all of a sudden got really quiet. I looked to see what he was doing and this is how he was fast asleep.

Jack Making Jaxon Laugh

So, Jack was eating grapes one day and....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jaxon Helping with Laundry

I was folding our laundry a couple of days ago and Jaxon was on the bed "helping" me out. I had folded up Jack's socks and Jaxon got a hold of them and just had a blast playing with them. He's so cute! :o)

And on this particular day, Jaxon and I also decided to be twinners for the day. :o)
I just have to say that I have been LOVING being home with Jaxon. I never really realized just how rewarding it is to be a mother, but it absolutely is, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! I love being able to see Jaxon learn something new almost every day and seeing all the new changes that come as he continues to grow. I can't believe how much time has flown by and I can't believe how big he is already. But he is such a wonderful baby and I love him so much!

Crazy Sleeper

Jaxon has had a little bit of a hard time sleeping through the night like he used to since being out here in Ohio. He's doing pretty well, but he's kind of all over the place in the crib and gets himself all turned around from his back to his stomach and then to his side, and then rolling from one end of the crib to the other. We found him like this a couple of mornings ago.

6 Months, FOOD, and Teeth!

So, our doctor told us to wait until about 6 months before we start giving Jaxon some food, but he's finally 6 months so we tried out some rice cereal with him. He seemed to like it and had a good time the first time we fed it to him. However, then we tried carrots and that was a whole other story. Jaxon just gagged everytime I put a spoonful in his mouth. Either way, he's been enjoying making a mess during eating time. :o)
We also want to report that Jaxon has 4 new teeth! It's pretty exciting seeing his teeth come in already and he's been so good about it. He started having some major drool that seemed to last for months, so we just thought it was a phase. And then all of a sudden his two bottom teeth just seemed to be there one day. A couple of weeks later, his top two broke through too.
If you look really closely in this picture, you can see all 4 of them!

Blogging Catch Up

It's been harder and harder to find a good block of time to sit down and get caught up on everything that has been going on with us, so, we're sorry we haven't posted in a little while. Anyhow, I finally have a couple of minutes so I'm going to do a bunch of posts all at once.

We had such a good time a couple of weekends ago when Nada and Darin came to visit with Luke. Jaxon got to catch up with an old buddy and it was sooooo nice for us to see some familiar faces out here. :o).We went out to eat at Friendly's and had some yummy food and ice-cream. Jaxon is still learning to share his toys and when Luke tried to play with Jaxon, Jaxon slobbered all over him in an attempt to "eat" Luke.
We were sad to have to say good bye to the Paynes when they left.
A couple of days after that, Jaxon and I went to check out the Cleveland zoo. It is sooo cool because residents of the county we live in get to go for free on Mondays, so we went on a Monday and got to check out a pretty fabulous zoo for FREE!
I think Jaxon is still a little young to really "enjoy" the whole zoo experience, but I sure had a good time. :o)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Jack's White Coat Cermony

It was super cool to attend Jack's White Coat Ceremony where they welcome the new class into the medical profession. I was so proud of Jack standing up there getting his medical coat on. It was also kind of nice that they had this ceremony before classes actually got under way and made it a real celebration for the students...before they actually had classes to worry about. The room was so packed that there were people standing all in the aisles and the dean said that they have never had so many family members in attendance to support the students. Jack said it was kind of funny that everyone is congratulating all of them, but they actually haven't even done anything yet. He said he feels it's a little preemptive and to wait and see in 4 years for the congrats. But me, I know how hard Jack has had to work to get to this point and I think it really is cause for celebration that we are about to embark on his Podiatry School adventures. :o)
Here is a picture of most of the students of their class of 2012. And below that is a picture of the Mormon guys. It's been so nice to have so many members around us and we have a lot of students in our ward and it makes it feel a little like the student ward we left in Provo.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Calgary Trip

It was so nice to be able to go home to Calgary before I headed out here to meet up with Jack in Ohio...especially since my little brother was coming home from his mission! It was quite the fiasco trying to actually meet up with him at the airport, but it all worked out and we all got to say hi to Elder Ez and Jaxon got to meet his Uncle Ezzie for the first time.
These missions are so wonderful for these young men who come back with so much more knowledge of the gospel and so willing to share their experiences to help strengthen my own testimony. Ez was no different and I'm so impressed with his ability to teach and bear his testimony.
Also while we were at home, Jaxon got his first zoo experience. I think he's still a little young to really enjoy all of it, but it was a great day out with the family.
This trip was so great to spend time with all my little siblings before I headed out, but I think it made it harder to say good bye too. And of course we missed Aurelia the whole time. But to all my siblings, I miss you guys like crazy!!
Oh, and of course this is just a couple of pictures from the trip. You can see more by clicking here.

Monday, August 4, 2008

California Trip

We were so lucky to have Jack's parents take us out to California to spend a week out at Newport beach. We got to stay in some super sweet Marriott rooms and we all got to work on our tans. We had so much fun and it was so great to spend time with the family.
It was awesome to finally get all the little baby cousins all together too.
We also had quite the adventure getting out to CA. The A/C in the car that we all drove down in gave out right after St. George, so we had to travel the rest of the way in about 110 degree temperatures. Poor Jaxon did sooooo well. He is quite the content little traveler and hardly made a fuss the whole drive. We are sooooo blessed that Jaxon has such a super sweet temperament.
We tried to cool Jaxon down the best we could and laid out wet wipes on him for the duration of the drive. Sadly, Jaxon was not a big fan of the beach. He didn't mind the pool so much, but he hated the sand and cold CA ocean water. As soon as we put him in the water, he would bend his legs back and put them down on top of mine.
But all in all, we had such a fabulous time and it was a great opportunity to bid farewell to our family in Utah before heading out to Ohio. I've only posted a couple of pictures here, but you can get the rest of them at this link here.

We Made It!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we have made it safely to Ohio and we're just unpacking and settling in. The ward has been great and there are several young couples that are students so hopefully we'll be able to make some good friends. The weather has been pretty mild since we've been here and with some storms making the humidity and temperatures not too bad. I'm sure we'll feel the humid summer in just a bit though. Anyhow, we miss you guys and hope all is well with you all!