Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Cleveland has so many cool things to see and we are so lucky that there are also promos here and there to have free admission days to go check things out.
So, today we were able to experience the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. We had such a good time. They had so many animal exhibits, which was AWESOME for the kiddos. Better than the zoo even cause they kids could go right up to the animals and we could see each animal clearly in each exhibit...and they didn't move. :o)
Trying to get a picture of both kids looking.
Jaxon decided to help "make" Mailee look at the camera.
I loved this exhibit that had all these mini animals in it.
By far Jaxon's favorite part of the museum was the Dinosaurs exhibit.
Fun birds exhibit.
Dress up!!
Playing in the Discovery Center.
Just a little add on. Notice in these pics that Mailee has a PONYTAIL!! Finally, after 14 months, Mailee has enough hair for me to actually put it up...sort of. :o) I can't believe how much older it made her look though. My baby girl is growing up too fast!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Super Star Kiddos

So, we made some super hero capes today, and my kiddos turned into super stars. We had a lot of fun "flying" around our home.
Capes were soooo easy to make. Tutorial is from HERE.
Mailee tripped on her cape a, she didn't quite love it as much as Jaxon loves his.
Jaxon on the other hand won't let me take his off. :o)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some Catch Up

Well, we did actually celebrate St. Patrick's Day in our household...which was a first for me. :o)...well, other than wearing green of course. But apparently out here in Cleveland, there is a large Irish community and there is even a big parade downtown and everything for St. Patrick's Day. We didn't brave that...but we did have some green pancakes for breakfast.
Jaxon's first comment about these pancakes was "Ewww mom, what's that?"
Fortunately, he warmed up to them pretty fast.
Mailee enjoyed hers...and I don't think she noticed the color difference. :o)
The other things that were keeping me busy during March was getting ready for this little kids resale that my friend and I decided to sell at.
I did some hair things and Laura did her jewelry.
Wasn't quite the right venue for it we discovered...but it was fun to try out something new. :o) I was so excited for it though that I came up with some aprons for us to wear. So, if anything, I at least got a super cute apron out of it that I will totally use.
Love, love, LOVE Hobby Lobby fabrics!! :o)
And here's a pic of Mailee modeling some of the fun hair pieces I made...which actually didn't sell AT ALL...not one. I was a teensy bit surprised at that...but what can I say, when you're getting cute clothes for your kids for $1 at these sales, hard to spend much more.
These next pics were taken by my very talented friend Amber. She is an awesome photographer and has some great pics on her website HERE.