Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Some Cute Pics

These are just some cute pictures from our good friend Laura. She has a son that is just 3 weeks older than Jaxon and they are just such good friends. I love that they're so close in age and are so similar in so many things. Makes it so much fun to spend time all together. :o)
Here are the boys taking a wagon ride to a park.

And here are the boys at the park getting ready to go down the slide.

Some Catching Up

It's been a while since our last post, so bear with me--this might be a long and random post. :o)
First off, we celebrated Jack's big 2-9 birthday on the 28th. Unfortunately, on his birthday weekend, our household was sick again. :oP Fortunately we ended up going out for lunch for his birthday before we all got sick...and picked up "our" birthday gifts for ourselves before we all got sick too.
But here's a pic of Jack on his birthday. We had a nice breakfast together...and of course he got what he wants the most as a gift-money.

Now please tell me there are people out there that agree with me that money is the most BORING gift to give your own spouse for their birthdays! For goodness sake, if they just want money, what's the difference from them just going to the ATM and getting out money, eh? And I have to say, men are a LOT harder to shop for then women.
Ok, done venting now. :o) And now here are some random pictures of Jaxon that make me laugh. He really likes having things over his head...well everything except for his actual hats! But he loves towels, and any type of material or item of clothing. Here he decided to put one of my shirts over his I decided to help him out a little so it wouldn't fall off.

And last, but not least, we had a great Easter, but missed our families terribly. It was fun to do a little Easter egg hunt for Jaxon now that he's finally a little older and can get the gist of it. Here's a little video of him trying to find the eggs.

And here are some pics.

Here he was worried we were going to take away his eggs.

We had a wonderful Easter program in our ward and it was nice to have a bit of sunshine for Easter Sunday as well. Jaxon and I got to be twinners in pink for Sunday.

Hope everyone is doing well and hope everyone had a great Easter!