Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tender Moment

We had fast and testimony meeting today at church. We were sitting pretty close to the front and Jaxon saw his nursery teacher get up and bear her testimony and then saw a lot of children also get up and bear their testimonies. He then turned to us and said "I NEED to go up there!" Jack and I looked at each other and wondered whether we should have him go up to the pulpit. There have been little boys that have gotten up and just laughed or made funny noises in the microphone. But after several insistent "I NEED to go up there"s from Jaxon, Jack decided to take him up. Surprisingly, as soon as he got up to the microphone, he simply started talking. We couldn't hear everything he was saying, and Jack wasn't even prompting him to start off with. I did hear him say "momma and daddy" and he did close well, but it was the absolute sweetest moment today to see my boys up there bearing their testimonies. It helped strengthen my own testimony of the great blessing and power of families. Our children learn so much starting at such a young age, and we have such a great responsibility to teach them, and it was just a teensy nice pat on the back for us today to see how much Jaxon has learned. :o)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Squire's Castle

We got to go to a fabulous birthday party for a friend and she had such a cute theme. She did a Knights and Dragons themed party for her 3 year old and even had it at a "castle" out here in one of the Ohio parks. They had inflatable swords and an egg hunt with mini dragons inside them. So much fun! Oh, and fun idea they had to actually get all the kids together for a picture...suckers! :o)
Playing in the castle.

Picture time!

Showing off his dragon!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

More Pics

Just a couple more pictures to share. Mailee is crawling around all over the place and is pulling herself up on the couch and anything else she can. She loves to stand and she loves to play "chase" with Jaxon. She's pretty quick with the crawling and can kind of actually keep up with Jaxon. :o)
Here she is with a little lizard in her mouth. She's so funny, cause she LOVES Jaxon's toys. She loves his cars and his little animals.
And here's some pics of our last swim trip before it got too cold.

Wow, can't believe summer is already gone! We had a lot of fun and are going to miss those long, warm, lazy days. :o)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We're Still Alive!

Well, I finally uploaded a bunch of pics from July and August, so without further ado, here's some eye candy! :o)
We've enjoyed some parks and lots of bubbles...basically anything that took us outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Mailee got her first "beach" experience...and didn't love it at first, but quickly warmed up to it.
Jack of course had to take a jump off the big dam they had at the lake that we were at.
And the kiddos were a little too busy playing to get a picture of them actually looking.
We've already had some cold days, so we did some inside activities involving's Jaxon showing off his handiwork.
And lastly, some pictures of the kids. Jaxon and Mailee have started playing more and more together and you can just see how much they love each other and enjoy being with each other. I love my kiddos so much! :o) Looking at these faces, it's hard not too, eh?
We're really going to try harder to update more often. But sorry for those who have been checking. :o)