Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Final Utah Happenings

Well, I am safely back in Ohio after a FABULOUS time in Utah. But as always, after a long time away from home, it's always good to be back. So, after I finally finish getting our new place set up, I'll post some pictures of our new and fabulous condo.
But back to some pictures. Just wanted to finish documenting our Utah fun.
First some fun pics of Jaxon's new past time. He loves trying on other people's shoes and had quite a few to choose from while we were gone.

These were by far my favorite ones. They are actually little "souvenir" wooden shoes from Holland and they fit Jaxon's feet just right. He would dance around and jump up and down in them and make lots of noise and look hilarious doing it. :o)
After Jack left, I got to spend some more time with my siblings and also catch up with some old friends.
Aurelia, you were sorely missed!
So much fun catching up with freshman roomies. :o)
Hanging with Jack's cuz Daisy...who is a model/famous actress now! :o) So, hard to look good next to her. ;o)
Congrats to Brad and Emily!
And yeah for being prego with friends! Nada's a little further along than I am...but look, you can definitely see the tummy, eh?
We did some more swimming and some more Cherry Hill too.
See, Jaxon's actually smiling here...he DOES like the water! :o)
Jaxon with his cousin Grace who was giving him fun rides around the pool. He loved it!
Coming off the "blue slides"at Cherry Hill...I "think"Jaxon liked it...hard to tell. :o)
And Jaxon's favorite part of Cherry Hill.
Ok, so this is getting a little long, so I'm just going to post some more pictures and be done. :o) But thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful vacation to all our Utah friends and family and we miss you all already!!
Jaxon finally put goggles on...and of course it wasn't in the pool. But he looked like a little super hero with them on running around at Cami's place.
More random Jaxon antics.
Jaxon's first carousel ride...he was a little nervous about it and held on for dear life as we went around.
At Gateway with Jaxon...who didn't like the water spouting thingy as much as I had hoped.
And just hanging out with Grandpa Jack.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As I can't hide it anymore...

I guess I'm outed...as in my belly is way too out there to not say that I am now pregnant, so SURPRISE! We're expecting Baby #2 sometime in January!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Utah and Jaxon's Change of Heart

Just wanted to get some more pictures posted of our trip. First off, my mind was completely gone when I was packing for this trip. Must have been all the packing up for our move right before we left. Needless to say, I forgot a LOT of things.
So, this picture is of Jaxon in his cousin's sleeper...cause mom forgot to bring his. Unfortunately, his cousin is a girl...and quite a bit older...and if you look closely, it's got a little ballerina on them. We got a laugh out of it. :o)
Best news of all is that Jaxon has had a change of heart about the water. He's turned into this little fish. As soon as he gets his swim wings on, he's ready to jump in and he wants to just paddle his way around. I'm sooooo glad that he's started to enjoy the water more. It has made our activities out here much more enjoyable. :o)
We also got a big surprise when we got to Provo. My parents decided to surprise us and made a quick trip out to Utah to spend time with all of us. It was so much fun to see Jaxon playing with his gung-gung.
It was so nice to have my parents take us out to some "real" Chinese food. :o) We went to a little restaurant that my family went to way back when we first lived in Salt Lake City more than 20 years ago called Ho Ho Gourmet. They're one of the few restaurants in Utah that serve dim sum, one of our favorite Chinese meals.
Something we have discovered this trip is Jaxon's absolute LOVE for being behind the wheel of the car. We went into a little arcade room at Cherry Hill while we were there and Jaxon got to play on one of those racing games with the steering wheel and absolutely loved it. Since then, it's been hard to tear him away from any steering wheel he sees.
While we were in Salt Lake, we decided to visit the Church history museum.
We tried to get Jaxon to dress up and we finally forced him into a little robe, but he complained the whole time.
It was fun to spend time with so much family and see the church sites again too. We still got a little while here in Utah and we're making the most of it! :o)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer Vacation

I know it's been a while since I last posted, and we've had so much going on that I don't even think I'll be able to keep up to date for a little bit. But for right now, just wanted to report a little on our trip to Utah...which Jaxon and I are still enjoying... and wanted to post some pics of our fun times so far. We're out here for another two weeks, so hopefully Jack doesn't get too lonely without us and I'm sure we'll have some more fun pictures to post soon.
Family tradition with Jack's family is Cherry Hill, so we did that quite soon once we got into town.
Jaxon actually did not like the water at all and was not a very happy camper at the water park. :o( We even tried him in just the backyard with sprinklers and slip n slide, but he still wasn't that into it. Good thing Jack is though. :o)

We went to a rodeo in Ogden to celebrate Pioneer Day and had a blast with Jack's family.
Jaxon loved seeing all the animals and getting up close and personal with the bulls and we loved watching the mutton, bronco, and bull riding, sky divers, extreme motorbikes, and the fireworks show to end it all.
One of our funnest days was actually without Jaxon. Jack's mom babysat Jaxon for us all day long so we could go out and enjoy ourselves. We had such a good time. Thanks sooooo much Char!!
This is us enjoying the beautiful weather at the Gateway.
Jaxon has loved getting to know his cousins better on both sides too. We have loved hanging with both the Madsen and the Lau side of the family.
Another favorite day was going to the aquarium with Char, Jaxon, and I. We got to see lot of cool fishes and a big octopus and we even got to touch sting rays. Jaxon liked the sharks the best I think.
Well, this is starting to get reeeeeally long, so I think I'll just wrap up for now. Jaxon has been his little self since being out here in Utah and has found lots to get into.
This is his "I got caught" face.
And this is him showing off. :o) Well, always entertaining to say the least. We are loving being with family here in Utah and having lots of fun, but we sure miss our Ohio peeps too. :o) We'll have more to post soon.