Friday, December 3, 2010

My Crazy Girl

A couple of days ago, I turned around to see Mailee doing this...

And scary thing...she figured out how to push the button to make the quad, imagine this little crazy daredevil coming right at ya!
I have to say I had such a great laugh from it...after I got over my shock and heart attack that she was going to kill herself.
She absolutely loves this...unfortunately she has to fight Jaxon for it. :o) But this has been one of our BEST deals ever from a kids resale. Fully functional for $7!
Here's some more shots of my crazy girl. She really is crazy...everytime she gets going on it, she gets so excited and then wants to climb on the quad like this...fortunately she hasn't figured out how to push the button while she is up on the seat like this.

Don't let your kids try this at home! :o) Mailee did this under strict supervision. ;o)