Friday, June 29, 2007

Small Town Carnivals

So, we thought it was about time...after being here in Utah County for the past 7 years...that we actually went to one of the small town carnivals that happen in the surrounding cities of Provo. We drove past the Springville Art City Days last month and I tried to convince the hubby to go...but because I mentioned "Art City Days," he somehow figured it was an art show and refused to go. But this time for Pleasant Grove's Strawberry Days, I made sure to tell Jack that it was a CARNIVAL and that there would be CARNIVAL TREATS and rides and all the good stuff that come with small town carnivals. So together we went to discover Strawberry Days. First off, I have to say I was kind of surprised at the lack of strawberry memorabilia at this function. However, there were funnel cakes, and strawberries and cream! YUM! Jack wanted to try some of the rides...I don't do rides since I've gotten sick from the Stampede in the old now that I'm older and wiser, I just know to stay away from those kinds of things. :o) Anyhow, we were horrified to see how much everything cost! Jack was saying he remembered carnivals as a kid where things were free and you could just go on everything and enjoy the day on rides and good food. Even the food though...WOW! The funnel cakes cost as much as they do at Disney World...DISNEY WORLD! And they weren't nearly as good. :o( But hey, how often do we get funnel cakes, right? So, all in all, I think we enjoyed our carnival experience...especially seeing the "real carnies", but I don't think we'll go to another one. It's just far too expensive to actually "enjoy" it...unless you're willing to spend the money on the food and rides, or the rodeo and such...there's really not much to do at those things. But at least we can say we've been. :o)

Friday, June 8, 2007

First Camping Trip of the Season!

One of the best things about warmer weather here in good ole Utah is the fabulous canyons we have so close by that we can go camping pretty much any free weekend and just drive about 20 minutes outside of town and be good to go. Jack and I quite enjoy being in the great outdoors and we LOOOOVE campfire food. It's amazing how much better tinfoil dinner elements (potatoes, ground beef, carrots, etc.) just taste sooooo much better enjoyed around a campfire. Actually, anything you eat when camping seems to taste just a little better. Why is that exactly? Whatever the reason, we love it!
So, last weekend we headed up Provo Canyon with the Paynes and set up tent for an overnighter. Everything about it was just sooooo perfect. We had perfect weather, perfect fire wood that gave us perfect coals and perfect meals and perfect s'mores.
Jack really liked warming up his backside by the fire...ok, to be honest, it seemed like all of us were making this pose at one point or another around the fire. Our front sides would get all toasty so we'd have to switch it up. ;o) It was seriously fabulous. I can't wait to go again.