Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Memphis Kiddie Park

There is this really fun amusement park out here that has all these mini rides for kids. Even Mailee can go on them! We had some fun times enjoying the kids enjoying the rides. :o)
Jack and Jaxon on the roller coaster.
Jaxon didn't really like this ride...he wouldn't go on it again.
Jaxon and Mailee on the plane ride.
I know it really doesn't look it, but I promise, the kids did have a good time. :o)
Jaxon loved the car rides.
Finally, a smile on at least one of the kids.
One of the few rides an adult could fit on. :o) So, mom even got a ride with the kiddos.
And more rides...
We tried to get Mailee on the Merry Go Round, but she wouldn't have, she hung out with Dad instead. :o)
And just cause we were sooooo excited to finally get some family time with Jack around, we didn't call it quits with just the park. We decided to head to a lake and spend some time swimming and playing in the sand too!
Yeah for some well needed family time and sunny weather!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

May Catch Up

Well, the week before Memorial Day, we got HAIL in Cleveland!! It was crazy weather with tornado warnings and everything! There was some damage in cities pretty close to us, but thankfully all we got was the hail.
And with that craziness going on outside, we had to creative inside to have fun. Go figure the kids favorite toy for a while were our old diaper boxes. They both climbed in and pretended they were driving. They'd even push each other around in the boxes...and yes, even Mailee would give Jaxon a turn and pushed him around too.
We had to celebrate another holiday without Jack :o(. Memorial Day was not half as much fun without you can see by the kid's faces. :o)
Jack has had a CRAZY BUSY work schedule this rotation working in the Trauma unit at Metro Hospital. He has scrubbed in on a lot of surgeries though and has gotten lots of practice doing sutures and I'm sure lots of other doctor-ly things that I don't know about. :o) But he sure has seen a lot of gun shot wounds. I get to hear some stories when he gets home from work. :o) We sure have missed him, but are so proud of all the hard work he's doing.