Wednesday, February 29, 2012

January Updates

Well, we had a lot going on in January while Jack was finishing up his last externship. So, while Jack was working super hard at the Denver VA, this was what we were up to. :o)
First, we celebrated our baby girl's 2nd birthday!! Can't believe she's 2 already.
We got our first major snowfall while Jack was gone, but I didn't want it to go to waste, so we went sledding on our own...well, with a bunch of other families in the ward. :o)
We finally got our snowman in for the year.
Another big event...I finally became an American citizen!! It was kind of a crazy thing to do without Jack there and I totally missed him, but I was so lucky to have a good friend come with me so I had her and the kids there with me.
Here's me "taking the oath." To be perfectly honest though, the whole ceremony seemed a little impersonal. We all got called up and they checked for our naturalization certificate, and then just kind of called us by a number, and herded us over to the next line. There were soooo many people, and at the end, it felt very anti-climatic. But I'm still excited nonetheless. :o)
And last, but not least, we celebrated the Chinese New Year, year of the dragon. I really wanted the kids to see a dragon dance, so we went into Cleveland to the Chinese Plaza and got to watch some of the festivities and finally hit up the Chinese market.
So, that was our January in a nutshell. We tried to pack a lot in so we wouldn't miss Jack so much. We are just sooooo glad he is home for good now!!