Friday, December 21, 2007

Beautiful Salt Lake Lights

Jack and I actually made it to Salt Lake this year to check out the beautiful lights with our friends the Palmers. I love seeing temple square during this time of year and I love being so close to the temple to enjoy the Christmas spirit. We had a fabulous time and I got some good exercise in walking around and trying to keep up with everyone. :o) We got some good shots of the temple too.
We hope wherever you are that you are all able to enjoy some beautiful Christmas lights and Christmas spirit. I can't believe Christmas is next week! Yeeeeah! I'm soooo excited, I can't wait!

32 weeks and counting

This post is for all those that really don't believe I'm HUGE. Well, here I am in all my 32 week glory. :o) Actually...this was taken last, it would be at 31 weeks. See that tummy...It's definitely a big one! Thank you for everyone's love and support though. I always seem to get a "You are so beautiful pregnant" type comment right when I'm feeling a little down about getting bigger and bigger. So, Thank you so much!
Ok...I was just looking at another picture that was taken the same time and my tummy doesn't look quite as big...hmmm, I think maybe I was exhaling in the above picture...and then this below picture, I was just getting tired of having a picture of me taken. :o)

Snow Pranks

So, I have to say we have the coolest friends and neighbors. We totally love them all. A couple of weeks ago, Provo had a HUUUUGE snowstorm...that happened to be the day we had to drive to Bountiful for the Horton wedding, so we didn't get a chance to play much in it. But fortunately, our friends played in it plenty for us. :o) When we got home late that night, to our surprise we found a snowman blocking our door. And it was a CUTE snowman. They'd gone all out and put in eyes, the carrot nose, arms, and even a scarf. The funny thing about this is that we live on the SECOND floor of our complex. Meaning, we are not on ground level that it would be so easy to build a snowman right in front of our door. :o)The dilemma for us, though, was to try and figure out what to do with it. It was way to cute to just dump over the side of the balcony, so we decided to move it in front of our neighbors door and surprise them. (We were guessing these neighbors had a hand in the prank. :o) It was even more funny though, because we caught them before they came home, they came knocking on our door when they came home to ask why there was a snowman in front of their door. We had noooo clues to give them. ;o) We then decided to pass the snowman around one more time and disassemble and reassemble him again in front of another neighbor, and we caught them before they came home that night too. So, all in all, it was a fabulous prank that just kept on giving. :o)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's a BIG Baby!

At this month's doctor's appointment, the doctor measured me and informed me that though he could not tell me how big my baby was, that he could say that at this point, the baby is measuring larger than average (average being delivered at 7 lbs. 3 oz.) and if I carry full term, we're most likely looking at an 8 lb-er at least. So...hmmm, that's why I've been feeling sooooo much more uncomfortable the past couple of weeks. I could definitely tell the baby was getting bigger cause he is waaaay up into my ribs now and waaaay down there punching at things baby should not be hitting. Needless to say...I'm feeling reeeeeeally big right about now and I'm a little bit worried about having such a big baby, just cause I'm not all that big myself. But I'm so happy and excited to know that baby is growing well, and hopefully it's a good sign that he's healthy and strong. And oh man is this baby strong though. His kicks and punches have been quite hefty this past little while. But here's an updated preggy picture-me at 29 weeks. Sorry, not the very latest one, but just imagine this...but bigger. ;o)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Brett and Kelly's Wedding

Jack and I got another chance to get all dressed up and go celebrate our friends marriage in Bountiful last weekend. The dressing up part was great...but trying to find something cute that still fit was not so much fun. It was crazy trying to get through the snow storm in Provo to get there, but we made it safely there...though freezing the whole way cause we opted for a car with 4 wheel drive and no heat, rather than heat and no 4 wheel drive. ;o) It was great to catch up with the Hortons and it was so much fun to celebrate with Brett and Kelly. They looked so happy. It made Jack and I remember our special day...almost 5 years ago! I can't believe we've been married so long. It's been a wonderful journey and I can't wait for more.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Belated Thanksgiving Post

I can't believe I didn't post earlier about all our Thanksgiving fun with our family...but better late than never, eh? Well, we started off with hanging out with my little sisters' and their family and it was super fun to be with them. We then headed to Jack's extended family and had a great meal there. Then came back to Provo. We didn't do any big Black Friday sales this year...for those of you who didn't know, Jack and I actually SLEPT OUT in front of Circuit City last year to get some good deals...that was a no go for this year. I wanted to be in my own comfy bed. :o)
Then we had our Thanksgiving feast 2 with my little sister's family, and then headed up to Jack's parents and had our Thanksgiving feast 3 the following day. The food at each was suuuuuperbly fabulous, and all I had to make this year was a cheesecake and a jello salad. Lucky me. I can't believe that in the five years that Jack and I have been married that I've never had to make a turkey. Makes me kind of scared for next year...I'll probably be calling you all for help! :o)
But it was so fabulous to be with family and loved ones, but it made me miss mom and dad and of course my older sister's family and my little bro out in the mission field. I hope you all had your tummys full of good food too. I know I gained about 5 pounds after that weekend...and it was definitely not all baby!
P.S. So, who thinks Jack has gained some pregnancy sympathy weight? ;o)