Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Calgary Flames...done already

I look forward to watching the NHL playoffs all year long. It's been pretty exciting the last couple of years since the two Alberta teams (My home team-Calgary Flames, and the "other" Alberta team Edmonton Oilers) have both made it pretty far. But this year has been a huge let down. Both Alberta teams are already out and I only got to see a few of the games because the silly American networks don't show very many games. A very disappointing seaon.
I'm kind of at a loss as far as what sports to watch now. College football doesn't begin for a while and I feel like I've lost my enthusiasm for the NBA since the great stars have left, and the ones that used to be some of my faves have kind of let me down in their off court behaviours. Well, I guess there are still "other" teams to watch in the NHL, but we all know it's so much more fun watching sports when you have someone, some team, or something to root for, eh? Hmmm...well, Real Salt Lake, the soccer team, has started up and they do have Freddy Adu, maybe that might be fun. Or, I guess I'll just have to find some other fun things to actually go out and DO! ;o) I'm actually really excited that our good buds Kelli and Matt left us their tennis raquets for the summer. I plan to do a lot of that this summer. Who knows, I may have a hidden talent. I'll keep you all posted. :o)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bahston, Boston

I have to say that I am lucky enough to have a job that sends me places. :o) Yep, once a year I get to pick a conference to help develop me "professionally." So, this year's pick was Boston, MA. A very, very cool city I gotta say. It's cool being in such an old city with so much history...without having to go to Europe. ;o)
But first with the negative parts. Well, I was sick most of the time I was, can't chalk that one up to Boston personally, but it kind of put a downer on the trip. Another negative is that it is cooooold in Boston. On one of the days we were there, it was totally rainy and freeeezing outside. I had to buy a toque...and for all you Americans, that's what you all call a "beanie"...just so I could stay warm while walking around to find a place to eat. So, to double up necessity with tourism, I ended up getting a Boston Red Sox hat and felt actually kind of silly wearing it around since I am not an actual Bostonian.
Anyhow, that really cold night we went out exploring around "Little Italy" and wow, was the food great and the atmosphere even better. The restaurant we went to had a great feel to it. Ok, side note here: The funny thing about Boston is that there really isn't that much street real estate available. Most of the buildings are super close together and all crammed together along the street. So, it's kind of deceiving that any place actually has room, but they make really good use of their basements and second floor space. We were seated in the basement and as you can tell by the pic on the right, they did just about everything to not make it seem like you were eating in a little basement. In fact, you even felt like you were in a little villa in Italy. :o)
Also in Little Italy, we were highly recommended to make a stop at Mike's Pastry and had a famous cannoli, and my goodness it was good. It got to be a little too sweet at the end, but if you ever go to Boston, I would add my recommendation for Mike's Pastry.
Ok, on to some of the other cool perks. I thought the Boston accent was a lot of fun. It was actually kind of hard to come by though. But we talked to some policemen a couple of times to try and find our way around the city and it was a pleasure talking with them cause we got to hear their accents. I had a lot of fun navigating the city on foot and using the "T" subway with my conference roomie Sarah and together we went to China Town, Theater District, Boston Commons, Downtown Crossing, Newbury, and Little Italy. All in all, it was a fun trip and I was glad I went. Oh, and the conference was pretty good too. :o) So, guess I'll have to try out a different city next year.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

How to Prolong Your Birthday...for a month or longer

We all know birthdays only come once a year...and it is only on ONE day...but there are ways to make it last a whole lot longer than just one day. And hey, it does only come once a year, so why not celebrate it for as long as you can, eh? :o)

First off, you need to sign up for any
and all "birthday club" deals that give you a sweet deal for a free meal or equivalent during the month of your birthday. And be particular, you'll want those restaurants that give you not only a free meal, but also dessert...and you'll want to make sure they'll let you go anytime during the month of your birthday, rather than on the exact day of your birthday. Our favorites for Jack's birthday included Tucanos and Shoots.

Second, you will want to plan a weekend getaway...say to St. George or any other nearby destination, conveniently about a week before the actual day of your birthday. Then it isn't actually "for" your birthday per say...but close enough that you can still count it as part of the birthday celebrations.

Third, on the day of your actual birthday, in addition to your gifts from that day, order another gift online so it'll come a couple of days later and thus you can still open another present after your birthday and still count it as part of your birthday. :o)

You'll also want to tell everyone in your family to conveniently send some cards a little early, and some cards a little late. Then not only will you have the joys of opening up "real" mail, but each time you open another card, it'll feel like your birthday, no matter what the date is. :o)
Next, plan a really cool theme
d party with someone else who has a birthday coming up soon...preferrably about a week after your day of birth. Then invite all your friends and have them help you celebrate some more.After that, you'll just want to try and plan as many family things close to around your birthday and celebrate it over and over again with all the different family around.

These tips are proven tricks of the trade for celebrating your birthday for an entire month...or longer! :o)