Monday, July 9, 2012

PA trip

We were soooo lucky to have some time between Jack's graduation and his residency starting to go and visit with family and friends in Pennsylvania. We headed to Philidelphia first and spent some time with A and her family. And we were soooooo blessed to have her watch the kiddos for us while Jack and I went to a wedding out in New York. We didn't get any pictures from that night, but we had a blast at the wedding and a night out without the kids. :o) Thank you sooo much Criders!!
But we were able to get our very own personal tour guide to see the sights of downtown Philidelphia. Thank you soooo much to Jon!!
Here we are on the train heading downtown.
 Love statue.
 Cool area with big old game pieces to play around on.

 Cool statues everywhere downtown! Seriously, such a cool city.

 Enjoying an authentic Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich in Philly.
 Historical sites galore!
 Independence hall.
 Liberty Bell.

 2nd Bank of the United States.
 1st Bank of the United States.
 First U.S. Postal Office.
 Benjamin Franklin gravestone.
After enjoying our time with fam in Philly, we headed to our friends the Mosleys and had such a great time with them. We were besties way back in our Utah days and love seeing these guys! They took us to Hershey's Chocolate World and it was so much fun!

 Mailee was super scared of the hershey kiss!

 We also got to play in the Mosley's pool. The water was a little bit cold for me, but the guys loved it.

 Best of all we got a sitter and got to go out on a double date!! We used to go on those all the time...pretty much every weekend, all together in Utah and it brought back such good memories!!
It was such a great trip and we are so glad we got some fabulous family time and friend time in before Jack got crazy busy with his residency.

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Alanna said...

What a great trip! I only live two hours from Philly and after almost 3 years I still have never been there or New York. Thanks for the extra motivation to get moving. Let us know if you ever want to crash here and do DC or Baltimore.
Miss you!