Monday, July 2, 2012

May Catch Up!

First, our huge big news was Jack's graduation!! He is now officially a DPM, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and has accepted a residency postion at University Hospitals here in Cleveland, Ohio, so looks like we are staying in Ohio for another three years. A little unexpected for us, we were hoping to head back West and be closer to family, but we are happy with staying too. :o) We have had such a great time here in Ohio and are excited to make even more memories here.
Here are a bunch of pictures from lots of graduation stuff.
This was at the "notes burning" bonfire with the other member families in Jack's graduating class.

And of course, here's Jack tossing Mailee. :o)
OCPM hosts a fun dinner cruise for the graduating class and we get to go out around Lake Eerie for the night and have dinner. It was so much fun. We were so lucky to have my mom and dad in town to help watch the kiddos so we could enjoy this fun night out.

And here is the big graduation day! We were so blessed to have my parents and Jack's parents with us for this special event and we loved, loved, loved sharing the moment with them.

We are so, so, so very proud of this man!! He is so amazing!!
We also celebrated Jaxon's completion of his year of Preschool. His closing ceremonies were so cute. We were so lucky that Jaxon had such a great year of Preschool. We loved his teachers and he learned so much.

 Here are just a couple more pics of what we were up to in May.
We checked out the Children's Museum and had a great time.

 Jaxon actually took this picture! Not too shabby, eh?

We also went to Memphis Kiddie Park and the kids got to enjoy lots of fun rides.

Jaxon and I got to have some mommy-son time and checked out Thomas the Train and lots of fun activities.

 And last, but not least, we were so welcomed by sisters in our new ward and got to meet up with some of them at Patterson Farms to pick strawberries.


Aurelia said...

Great post. Loved all the pics! Hurray to Dr. Jack!

Rachel Holloway said...

You always look SO glamorous! Seriously gorgeous! :) Congrats to you guys, once again! So happy for this new chapter to begin!

Emma and Dan said...

Love the updates! Your dinner cruise outfit is amazing. Don't you just love work functions? They give me a chance to feel like such a grown up. :)